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Best Way to Read PDF on PSP

PSP is very popular among young generations with which we can play various kinds of games. Besides playing games, PSP has strong function in reading text files, so do you want to read PDF on PSP while you are tired of playing games and want to have a rest? However, you need to make some preparations before transferring PDF to your PSP.

In this article, we will introduce you two ways to read PDF on PSP, on is to download an app on PSP, and the other is to convert PDF to Text which is fully compatible with PSP.

Method One: Read PDF on PSP with Bookr

PSP has a very strong reading capabilities, it can not only read the txt file format, if you just install Bookr v8.1, you can read files on PDF anytime and anywhere you like.

Bookr is the most powerful PSP PDF reader software, and the latest version is v8.1, which solved the problem of can not open more than a certain number of pages over the PDF file on the previous version, but also reduces memory consumption on the psp. This is very important, so that we can view the pdf file or novel with more storage!

Steps to install

First, you need to download Bookr v8.1 version of the software.

Then you need to decompress the software and then copy it to your PSP/GAME directory on it.

read pdf on psp

Then create a pdf file folder in the root directory of your psp, and then copy the files you want to read into it.

Finally, enter the Bookr v8.1, select "Open file" in the selection box, find your PDF file folder, select the pdf file you want to see, and then enjoy yourself!

Method Two: Convert PDF to TXT Format Supported by PSP

As TXT format is fully supported by PSP, we can consider to convert PDF to TXT format. In order to ensure the output quality and convesion speed, we need to choose a right third-party program to do the task. With extremely fast speed and user-friendly interface, PDF to Text Converter has stand out of most programs, and it is specially designed for Windows users to convert PDF to Text without installing Adobe Reader on your computer.

Free Download PDF to Text Converter

You can click Add File or Add Folder to load the PDF files you want to convert directly to the software, and you can right-click on the files to modify them.

view pdf on psp

Then click Browse... to customize an output folder to save the output files and press Start button to start converting PDF to Text. After conversion, you can connect PSP to computer and transfer the output files to PSP, done!

No matter which method you choose, it will help you read PDFs on PSP perfectly. But we suggest you to use the second method which is more stable and easy. Hope this article helps.


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