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How to Add PDF to iBooks on Mac with Ease?

"Manually add .PDF's to iBooks. I've got some .pdf notes from class that I want to add to iBooks. I have iTunes, but I can't find the right folder to put the files in. Does anyone know where they go? Or is there an obvious solution I'm missing?"

To read PDF on iBooks is rather struggling and not cool at all, so just convert the PDF to ePub directly, so we won't meet any problem above or other unexpected situation. For Mac users, there is a powerful software called PDF to ePub Converter for Mac that can help you convert PDF to ePub on Mac so that you can add PDF to iBooks on Mac and read PDF files on any e-readers that support ePub format.

Tips: If you need to use photos of your PDF files, you can easily Extract Photos from PDF with a easy to use PDF photo extracting software.

The toolkit you will use is right the Mac PDF to iBooks Converter, it is better and more stable way than any other methods. Now you may free download PDF to ePub Converter for Mac and read the guide below to learn how to add PDF to iBooks on Mac.

For Windows users, you may refer to How to Add PDF Files to iBooks for iPad.

Quick Start: How to Sync PDF to iBooks on Mac?

Step 1: Run the PDF to iBooks Converter. Add the PDF file to the main interface. Then you can click Browse... to specify an output destination to save the output files.
Tip: You can enter the page you want to convert in the "Page Range" option.

convert pdf to ibooks on mac

Step 2: After all the settings, you may tab the Convert button in the bottom and then let PDF to iBooks Converter for Mac do the rest for you.

Step 3: Launch iTunes and then click the Books library in the left column (in iTunes 9.1 or later). Drag the book into the iTunes window to add it to your library. Sync and your book will be added to your iBooks library.

import pdf to ibooks

Books purchased from the iBooks Store and ePub books are displayed together on the same library shelves. PDF books are displayed on their own library shelves. OK, then you will be able to read PDF books on iBooks and adjust font size, page size etc. as you like. Come on and free download PDF to ePub Converter for Mac now!

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